There is presently simply the 1 ferryboat path running in between Puerto Rico and also Dominican Republic run by 1 ferryboat firm-- Ferryboats Del Caribe. The San Juan to Santo Domingo ferryboat going across runs regular with an arranged cruising period from regarding 13 hours.Whilst we have actually taken excellent like guarantee the details on this web page is right, as the regularity as well as period of crossings on all courses can differ every so often we would certainly recommend that you obtain a real-time quote for present schedule on this Puerto Rico Dominican Republic going across in between San Juan as well as Santo Domingo.

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Concerning Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is an independent republic of the USA in the Caribbean Sea, existing in between the Dominican Republic as well as the United States Virgin Isles.Although presently an area of the United States, Puerto Rico was found by Christopher Columbus in 1493 as well as dropped under Spanish guideline for over 400 years, causing the culturally varied country we see today.Nicknamed the 'island of delight', it has a widely varied landscape, with limitless stretches of sandy coastlines, reef, thick jungle as well as high hills controling the inland. The acme goes to Cerro de Punta, getting to 4,390 feet, that makes Puerto Rico a walker's heaven, too.Puerto Rico is a valuable entrance to the Dominican Republic existing right away to the west. From the island's funding, San Juan on the north coastline as well as from the community of Mayaguez on the west coastline, you can cruise throughout to the Dominican Republic on a relaxing over night ferryboat.

Regarding Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic hinges on the Greater Antilles island chain within the Caribbean area, in between Puerto Rico to the eastern and also Cuba as well as Jamaica to the west.Measuring over eighteen thousand square kilometres, it's the 2nd biggest island in the Caribbean, after Cuba, therefore it flaunts a range of stunning, native environments, suitable for both forest travelers and also coastline occupants. When the sunlight drops, the Dominican Republic comes to life with circus events, incredible banquets as well as carnivals. The celebrations are largely centred on the popular merengue songs, with nearly every community tossing normal social events for occasions like Self-reliance Day in February and also the Merengue Celebration in July. Normal ferryboat links are offered weekly from the adjoining island nation of Puerto Rico.

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The Dominican Republic's major port remains in the funding, Santo Domingo on the south shore, while the factor of separation on Puerto Rico is San Juan.