Drake seemingly exposed Kawhi Leonard"s true feelings about Toronto during the Raptors game against Houston last night, and they"re surprisingly wholesome.

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Drizzy, who briefly took over broadcasting duties during Monday night"s game, revealed that the Board Man misses his Canadian fans and the city itself.

"One thing about Kawhi that I can tell the people, whenever I see him, he expresses the utmost gratitude and just always says how much he misses the fans in the city," Drake revealed. "That"s my guy honestly, he is really grateful for his time here. We definitely miss him for sure."

Leonard famously left fans wanting more after he ditched the 6ix for the Clippers in the aftermath of the team"s 2019 NBA championship.

On the bright side, the Raptors did beat the Rockets 107-92, which will definitely help keep spirits up as they head into their first season without veteran Kyle Lowry.

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