Dr. Phil, the host of a television program of the very same name, has actually gained every one of our hearts via his heart-touching, psychological yet practical recommendations. Birthed as Phillip Calvin McGraw, Dr. Phil is an accredited scientific psychology expert, although he has allow his certificate run out. Climbing to popularity via his looks on ‘& lsquo; The Oprah Winfrey Program,’ & rsquo; he quickly took Oprah & rsquo; s assist to introduce and also hold his very own recommendations program in 2002.

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Nevertheless, long prior to gaining popularity as Dr. Phil, Phillip was experiencing a difficult time in 1973 when his marital relationship with his initial better half obtained annulled. When Robin Jo Jameson came right into his life as well as loaded it with light, that was. The pair wed 3 years later on in 1976 as well as have actually been delighting in a terrific wedded life. Ever since, Dr. Phil has actually taken place to locate amazing popularity with his program while Robin is currently a New york city Times bestselling writer. Still, being a star pair, they have actually had the included tragedy of handling reports as well as conjectures considering that their surge to popularity. So, allow’& rsquo; s figure out if Phillip as well as Robin McGraw are still with each other, shall we?

Phillip and also Robin McGraw: Just How Did They Satisfy?

Prior To Robin, Phillip McGraw was wed to his secondary school sweetie, Debbie Higgins. Both wed in 1970, however the union did not last long, and also the pair chose to divide in 1973. While their annulment was taking place, Phillip satisfied Robin for the really very first time. The latter was a close friend of his sibling, and also both fulfilled for the very first time in Phillip’& rsquo; s moms and dads & rsquo; living room. Phillip later on discussed that he was overcoming his previous marital relationship along with mosting likely to college to obtain his master’& rsquo; s level which was why he did not want to drop in love right then. Nevertheless, destiny interfered, and also Phillip located himself asking Robin out on a day.

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The pair’& rsquo; s really initial day remained in Phillip’& rsquo; s plane, which he piloted himself. He took Robin on a night-time trip, which was when she fell for him. The pair dated for 3 years prior to Phil shocked Robin by proposing on February 14, 1976. Robin was just also happy to approve, as well as they obtained wed in an easy yet stunning event on August 14, 1976.

Ever since, the pair has actually revealed severe devotion and also dedication per various other, with their 44-year lengthy marital relationship standing as a statement to their love. Their union has actually additionally caused the pair inviting their youngsters, Jay McGraw as well as Jordan McGraw. Jay was born upon September 12, 1979, while his more youthful sibling, Jordan, entered into this globe on October 21, 1986. Originating from such a dense household as well as with their moms and dads sharing an outstanding partnership, both of their children are currently effective people in their very own areas.

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Are Phillip as well as Robin McGraw Still With Each Other?

Yes, Robin as well as Phillip McGraw still share a well-founded connection and also are living a delighted wedded life. However, with their popularity, the pair has actually been pestered by various separation reports throughout their connection. Although both Phillip and also Robin have actually appeared refuting the reports several times, brand-new suppositions, although unofficial, appear to emerge. There have actually been countless fabricated stories regarding their intended separation, as well as Phillip needed to go public in 2012 to reject all reports outright and also ensure followers of his marital relationship.

Nevertheless, the suppositions continued to be, as well as in 2019, Phillip took one more stand while on the ‘& lsquo; Rachael Ray Program’ & rsquo; where he stated that he had actually informed his better half he would certainly never ever leave her.

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He additionally took place to state, “& ldquo; We are not obtaining a separation, as well as for them to stress on something that is so at the core interpretation of our family members is simply impressive to me." In 2019, the pair likewise released an advising concerning phony separation tales which were being made use of to fraud customers.