Sight Quote Alice: Jesse: No Benji? Sight Quote Chloe: I sense that we"re mosting likely to be truly excellent friends.Beca: Well, you saw me nude, so ... Chloe: Okay. I "m gon na go obtain a beverage. This ginger requires her jiggle juice.Beca: Make great options ... Sight Quote Chloe: I have nodes ... Fat Amy: Chloe, wear"tconcern,it"s simply God penalizing you "trigger you" re a ginger.Beca: Isn" t that excruciating? Why would certainly youmaintain performing?Chloe: Since I enjoy to sing.Stacie: Yeah, it "s like when my

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girl medical professional informed me
not to make love for 6 weeks, as well as Idid it anyway.Fat Amy: You need to actually pay attention to your doctor.Stacie: Meh. Sight Quote Chloe: So, are you interested?Beca: Sorry, it"s simply... it"s rather lame.Aubrey: A-ca-SCUSE me? Integrated girl dance to a Mariah Careychart-topper is NOT lame!Chloe: We sing throughout the globe, as well as we contend in nationwide championships!Beca: On purpose?Aubrey: We played the Cobb Power Doing Arts Centre, you bitch!! Sight Quote Chloe: What" s your name?Fat Amy: Fat Amy.Aubrey: You call on your own"FatAmy"? Fat Amy: Yeah
, so twig bitches like you wear"t do it behind my back. Sight Quote Cynthia Rose: I have an admission to make.Fat Amy: All of us recognize where this is going. Lesbi-honest. Cynthia-Rose: This is tough for me to confess to

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you people, however, for the previous 2 years, I have had a significant ... wagering problem.Fat Amy: What?Beca: What?Cynthia Rose: Everythingbegan when I damaged up with my girlfriend.Fat Amy: Whomp,
there it is! Sight
Quote Fat Amy: I must have taken that cardio suggestion extra seriously.Aubrey: Just how much have you done?Fat Amy: You simply saw it.SightQuote Gail: I believe we have actually simply seen some a cappella background being made, John.John: And also from an all-female team, Gail. I might never ever have actually called this one.Gail: Never ever. Well, you are a misogynist in mind, so there"s nomethod you would certainly have banked on these ladies to win.John: Definitely.