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Eggman Pisses On the Moon, likewise called Darkness the Hedgehog Is a Bitch-Ass Motherfucker , describes an audio clip drawn from YouTube network SnapCube in which a guy improvisates discussion over a cutscene from Sonic Journey 2 , working as the atrocious Dr. Robotnik, also known as Eggman, stating he was peing on the moon. The sound has actually been remixed and also positioned over various other video.


On July 18th, 2018, YouTube network SnapCube submitted a video clip in which they improvisated voiceovers over the cutscenes Sonic Journey 2 , qualified "Sonic Experience 2 (Dark Tale + Final Tale)|Real-Time Fandub Gamings." <1> By February 15th, 2019, the video clip had actually gotten over 600,000 sights (revealed listed below). According to the credit scores supplied by the network, the individual articulating Eggman is Twitter individual PaperBoxHouse, also known as Alfred Coleman.

I"ve concerned make a statement: Darkness the Hedgehog"s a bitch-ass motherfucker, he pissed on my fucking other half.

I"ve pertained to make a news: Darkness the Hedgehog"s a bitch-ass motherfucker, he pissed on my fucking spouse. That"s right, he took his hedgehog-fuckin" quilly dick out as well as he pissed on my fucking spouse, and also he stated his prick was "this huge," and also I claimed "that"s revolting," so I"m making a callout message on my Darkness the Hedgehog, you"ve obtained a little cock, It"s the dimension of this walnut other than means smaller sized. As well as presume what? Right here"s what my dong appears like: that"s appropriate infant, all factors, no quills, no cushions-- take a look at that, it appears like 2 spheres and also a bong. He fucked my partner, so presume what, I"m gon na fuck the planet. That"s right, this is what you obtain: MY SUPER LASER PISS !! Other than I"m not gon na piss on the Planet, I"m gon na go higher; I"m pissing ON THE MOON! Just how do you like that, Obama? I PISSED ON THE MOON, YOU IDIOT! You have twenty-three hrs prior to the piss drrrrroplllllllets struck the fucking Planet, currently obtain outta my fucking view, prior to I piss on you as well!

overlordxord <2> uploaded the video clip to his account, captioned "I"m not gon na exist. This is a Real SCENE from Gumball," parodying a previous tweet uploaded by
overlordxord"s tweet acquired over 6,900 retweets and also 17,000 sort (revealed listed below).

I"m not gon na exist. This is a Real SCENE from Gumball.

-- Xord (
overlordxord) December 14, 2018

The very same day, the clip was published to YouTube, achieving over 40,000 sights by February 15th, 2019.

The tweet motivated numerous apology photos on Twitter. As an example, individual

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Corbond _ <4> uploaded an apology regarding Siivagunner that obtained over 640 retweets as well as 2,200 sort (revealed listed below, left). Individual
SlamGrene uploaded an apology utilizing Squidward, referencing the Super Dish LIII Halftime Program, getting over 2,300 retweets and also 8,500 sort (revealed listed below, right).